ERA Vila Real Santo António
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Algarve, Vila Real de Santo António,
Vila Real de Santo António
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Vila Real de Santo António
Magnificent and golden sand beaches compose this region with about 19 000.00 inhabitants and 3 districts: Monte Gordo, Vila Nova de Cacela e Vila Real de Santo António. Built in the XVIII century to be an important center of fishing and canning industry this is a particularly graceful city because the streets are all parallel and perpendicular. Alike to most Algarve cities also in Vila Real de Santo António tourism is the main sector of activity. Although this region does not only depends on tourism as agriculture and cattle breeding are also two important activities from this region. The city is also a city of great economic activity because it is the bond between tourists that travel from and to Algarve and Andaluzia. Since 1960 that this region started to be searched by the Portuguese mostly because of its beautiful and wide beaches mainly in Monte Gordo. This search developed tourism and started to attract tourist from all over the world. Similar to most Algarve regions Vila Real de Santo António is also a land of sea and fishermen that put on top of the tables dishes that please both Portuguese and foreigners. Laces manufacturing is the most important traditional activity in Vila Real de Santo António, although ceramics, puppets and wood and tile crafts currently starts to get a particular importance. The blue from the ocean contrasts with the green from the pine trees and with the golden sands. A tourism centre also known by a cosmopolitan style of life that those already experienced certainly want to go back
Coordenadora 3
Coordenadora 3
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Two bedroom apartment in Vila Real de Santo António. Composed by living room, kitchen, pantry, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Balconies with good sun exposure to west. In good condition, is located in a residential area near services, commerce and leisure areas such as gardens, marina and the pleasant beaches of the town.
2 Rooms
1 Bathrooms
53,43 m²
Vila Real de Santo António
Vila Real de Santo António
Vila Real de Santo António